Annual Meeting – LTXB


Yesterday I made my way over to Plano, Texas to attend the annual meeting for one of my companies, Legacy Texas Financial Group.  Inspired by A Path To Forever Financial Freedom‘s analyses of his AGMs, I will attempt to present my impressions – especially since I still accumulating on price weakness until I attain my 3% threshold.

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Recent Buy – HRNNF

Since I got a tax refund this year – first time in probably six years – I decided to invest part of it.  I placed a limit order last Friday and naturally watched as the price rose.  This afternoon after the Feds’ minutes were released, the market dropped enough for my order to execute.  Following in the footsteps of The Dividend Girl and Dividend Arena, I am now the proud owner of …

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Portfolio Disection

The other day as I was reading some articles, it occurred to me that everyone seems to have their own flavor of the meaning of life – or in DGI terminology, how safety is valued.  Some have standards pertaining to S&P credit ratings while others use Value Line or their brokers’.  Yet others are mixologists, concocting their own blend of interesting criteria.

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Another Merger – LSBG

Yesterday brought the announcement that Lake Sunapee Bank Group (LSBG) agreed to be acquired by Bar Harbor Bankshares (BHB).  This will be an all stock transaction valued at approximately $17.00 per LSBG share and represents a nearly 20% premium t0 yesterday’s close.  The terms:

  • .497 shares of BHB for each LSBG share.

I’ve had my eye on BHB for a little while but never pulled the trigger.  Perhaps the premium received will allay any nagging issues.


Lake Sunapee, being one of my poster children for my bank merger thesis, occupied a Satellite slot (1.5% dividends generated) in my portfolio.  Since the dividend date will change with the merger, I’ve decided to elevate Toronto-Dominion Bank to replace LSBG since they have the same payment date.


The -opoly World

Early Retiree Reality (ERR) recently published a thought provoking article titled My Duopoly and Oligopoly Shopping List on Seeking Alpha.  The premise is essentially that duopolies and oligopolies provide wider moats which results in greater profitability.  I would encourage you to read it.  This idea is similar to one I’ve been working on with my Speculative Pillars series on Cord cutting, Transaction Processing and to a lesser degree Regional Banks.  Although neatly packaged, I failed to make the leap into the –opoly world.

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April 2016 Update

April was generally favorable for the markets.  Earnings reports presented few surprises although the trend of beating analysts’ expectations while presenting lower year over year results continued.  Financials were modestly positive while old technology seemed to disappoint.  Until month end, the market was drifting higher.  Then Apple’s and Starbucks reports were weak, the BOJ failed to raise rates and Carl Icahn announced he sold his Apple position over China fears.  So the month ended basically flat managing a gain of .27% – at least it was positive.

My portfolio value managed a 2.66% gain with the weaknesses (KMB, SBUX and AAPL) being offset by M&A activity (Comcast (CMCSA) acquiring Dreamworks (DWA) and First Cloverleaf (FCLF) being acquired).

Blog Updates

  • I changed my portfolio reporting to measure % of dividends provided instead of market value.
  • Updated the Blog Directory

Portfolio Updates

  • Sold Monarch Financial (due to upcoming merger).
  • With the proceeds, initiated positions in SRCE, BKSC, CVLY and AROW
  • Moved CVX from DRIP to brokerage resulting in a fractional share sale
  • Added to LTXB prior to their earnings release.
  • Added to SBUX after earnings.
  • Added to AAPL after earnings(and the Icahn announcement)
  • Added to XRX – I anticipate a reverse split prior to – or in conjunction with – the spinoff.  So trying to position myself more favorably in this event.


  • April delivered an increase of 38.7% over April 2015.  This was due primarily my first dividends from NJR and SJI coupled with dividend increases.
  • April was also up slightly from last quarter by 4.4%
  • Announced dividend increases currently average 10.05% with 48.6% of my portfolio having at least one raise so far this year. .