A long time, self taught investor with a primary focus on long term dividend investing who has made his share of mistakes over the years.  While technically in the distribution phase, there are months when I remain an accumulator of assets.

My stock holdings are segmented into four categories, of which two fit the DGI category, and are generally aligned with their intended purpose.  These are:

  • Custodial – holdings held in trust for my heirs.  Current holdings include: GIS, HSY, DIS, PG, WMT, WGL, UNP, KHC and TXN
  • Options – I incorporate a covered call strategy to increase income.  As contracts can only be written in 100 share increments, this category currently includes: T, CPB, SBUX and GE
  • Slush Fund – contains companies under the 100 share minimum which are slated ro be sold first if the need arises.  These currently include: AAPL, MMM, UTX and KIM
  • Primary Portfolio – which is the only portfolio tracked by this blog.  Weighted by dividend value to the portfolio, I allocate by relative importance (Anchor, Core and Satellite) with about 30% being in speculative or strategic holdings.  One example of strategic is my Regional Bank M&A plan.

I attempt to minimize duplicate holdings across categories but occasionally fail – notably SBUX.  My ultimate goal is a 3% holding, so as a contract is executed on the option side, I purchase a little on the DGI side.  Other redundant holdings are DIS, AAPL, GE, MMM and KIM.

The primary reason why I publish percentages rather than actual value (other than the obvious privacy related one) is the belief that a visible 3% portfolio allocation is more tangible – and more readily attainable by anyone.  A percentage can be the same across portfolios of various sizes, whether a beginner or veteran.

Last updated: 8 May 2016

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us all. I agree with the %. If I read that someone has $50K of JNJ and that’s their 7th largest holding, that isn’t very relatable, but if you say that’s 5% of the portfolio, I can see it better.



  2. Added yours to the directory and welcome aboard! Looks like your portfolio is similar to mine. Rather than ETFs, I choose ETF providers and record keepers and I’m a little heavier into financials – but a solid portfolio in my book. Thanks for visiting!


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