3 Year Milestone!

On December 12th I celebrated the three year anniversary of this blog’s creation.  Although still nothing fancy or glitzy (and probably never will be), I’ve settled into a weekly post routine that generally provides a monthly recap, occasional buy post, strategy brainstorm and/or general meanderings on topical subjects including taxes and or politics.  The common thread tying all this together has been investing in general with an emphasis on dividends.

Over the years, I’ve seen blogs come and go, most recently Income Surfer.  Some announce their closure and others just fade into the sunset.  Of the 447 DGI blogs I encountered since I started, 257 remain active – perhaps less once I audit.  That attrition rate (14.2% annually) is greater than I would have expected.  The reasons, when known, range from losses in the market (generally high yield issues), lack of patience while the process takes hold (desire for instant gratification), realization of the time involved blogging and the inability to successfully monetize  their efforts.

The other end of the spectrum includes the likes of Dividend Daze who embrace the opportunity for success without any illusions of grandeur.  Happy Blogiversary by the way!

I would guess I reside somewhere in between.  My start was literally therapy.  Prescribed during rehab to assist in my recovery from a series of strokes.  I visit – and read – a significant number of blogs weekly.  I usually comment only when I feel my viewpoint is not redundant to other comments – and I have something worthwhile to add.  This due to the effort required to type – what I could do before in 5 minutes now requires 20.  You will not find stock analyses in my blog as I did lose most mathematical reasoning.  The weirdness is, I can still do Algebra (ROI calculations for one).  You will find strategy assessments albeit with a slightly jaundiced view.

A friend of mine calls a couple of times per month to run business ideas off of me (Devils Advocate scenarios).  He claims that I can take a shine off an apple even better than I could before the strokes.  Apparently there are some benefits – or perhaps I choose to see the positives in life (maybe both?).

Anyway my focus remains providing a map for my wife to follow when the time arises with a reduction in breadth and an emphasis on the central investing thesis.  To those who have shared – and perhaps enjoyed – this journey I thank you for your support.  To those I offended (unintentionally) I apologize and will attempt to be less offensive going forward.

As the season is upon us I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and an even better 2018!