Oct 2015 Changes

On Sep 9th, dividends received for 2015 exceeded those received for 2014.  So I chose this opportunity to begin positioning my portfolio for 2016.  On that note, I did complete the final Spring Cleaning task.  Of note, both PNY and FNFG were acquisition targets PNY by DUK and FNFG by KEY.  Therefore, FNFG has been removed from the Penalty Box and PNY has been removed as a Core position.  FLIC has been promoted to a Core position with its Satellite slot replaced by FMBI.  Going into November, my last position duplicated between brokers, BX, should be reduced now that the PJT spinoff is complete.  And last I have one open limit order carrying over to next month.

  1. Obtained PJT as a spinoff from BX
  2. Reduced my OMI position
  3. Added to CLX
  4. New Position: HWBK
  5. Added to SBUX

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