Ticker: CMSQY (adr)

Initial purchase: 11/6/2015

Cost basis: $7.60

Current Portfolio Status: Other

Dividend Reinvestment: N

Dividends paid semi-annually in March and September

Shares held on account at Schwab

Computershare Limited provides investor, plan, communication, business, stakeholder relationship management, and technology services. The company’s investor services comprise the provision of registry maintenance and related services; plan services operations include the provision of administration and related services for employee share and option plans; and communication services consist of laser imaging, intelligent mailing, inbound process automation, scanning, and electronic delivery. Its business services operations include the provision of bankruptcy, class action and utilities administration services, voucher services, corporate trust services, and mortgage servicing activities; and stakeholder relationship management services group offers investor analysis, investor communication, and management information services to companies, including their employees, shareholders, and other security industry participants. The company’s technology services consist of the provision of software, specializing in share registry and financial services. It also provides escrow and debt management services; independent custody of tenancy deposits; childcare tax voucher schemes; mutual fund record-keeping and proxy solicitation; and back office services for utility companies. The company operates in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Ireland, Africa, and the United States. Computershare Limited was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Abbotsford, Australia.

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