June 2019 Update

The market went on a tear this month hitting new records. With several companies attempting to tamp down expectations for the second half, my belief is the inflow of money is due to the lack of relatively safe investment options available as long as the trade truce holds. With earnings season on the horizon, it will be interesting if we see a continuation in July. This month the S&P gained 6.45% (almost erasing last month’s loss) while my portfolio gained a meager 5.56%. For the year, I’m still ahead of the benchmark by 0.45%. You can call it neck-to-neck.


  • increased my CL position
  • increased my DGX position
  • increased my EBSB position
  • increased my GNTY position
  • increased my HTH position
  • increased my MSCI position
  • increased my JNJ position
  • increased my ETF positions (VGK, JPMV, EWA, EWW, CUT)


My primary focus resides on dividends with the goal being a rising flow on an annual basis, I’m placing less emphasis on the quarterly numbers as the number of semi-annual, interim/final and annual cycles have been steadily increasing in my portfolio.

  • June delivered an increase of 15.42% Y/Y.
  • June delivered a 1.78% decrease over last quarter (Mar) due primarily to timing issues (a Japanese dividend arrives in July).
  • Dividend increases averaged 9.31% with 50.22% of the portfolio delivering at least one increase (including 4 cuts (two being OMI)). This is off last years’ pace and I believe a new personal record for dividend cuts in a single year since about 1980.
  • 2019 Dividends received were 55.35% of 2018 total dividends putting me on target to exceed last years’ total in late October. The YTD run rate is 107.27% of 2018, slightly under my 110.0% goal.

Note: I updated my Goals page to provide a visual of these numbers.  Based on Mr All Things Money’s instruction set with a conversion to percentages.  My code only updates when the monthly Y/Y number is exceeded.  Otherwise, the prior year actual is used.


On Oct 4, 2018 MSG filed a confidential Form 10 to spin the sports business which remains in progress.


XRX merger with Fujifilm cancelled (still being litigated). Pending settlement expected in September.

TSS to merge into GPN (all stock, .8101 sh GPN for each TSS sh) estimated to complete in October – Upon the announcement, I was prepared to sell my TSS position to book almost a triple in just over 4 years as GPN currently pays only a penny per share dividend per quarter. However, page 14 of their slideshow states: Dividend – maintain TSYS’ dividend yield. This would appear to indicate an increase in GPN’s dividend, so for now I’ll hold.

PB to acquire LTXB for 0.528 shares and $6.28 cash for each LTXB share. I plan to vote in favor of the transaction (on both sides), pocket the cash and sell the new shares – retaining the old and perhaps use some of the cash to purchase additional PB shares post-merger.

VLY to acquire ORIT for 1.6 sh VLY to 1 ORIT. This merger will result in a slight dividend cut November forward as the rate will be normalized to VLY’s current rate. In my view, the other positives outweigh this negative.


Overall, no complaints. The performance isn’t stellar but being ahead – even a little – in this market is no mean feat. Looking forward into the second half sees a little consolidation by migrating to a slightly risk off stance.

Here’s hoping your month/quarter was successful!


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  1. I guess I’m a little spoiled with the run I’ve had for the last few years. But you’re right – not falling behind in this market could be considered a success! Now that M&A has picked up again I suspect my portfolio will perk up a little moving towards the fourth quarter. At least my dividends are flowing in 🙂

    Appreciate the comment!


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