April 2019 Update

With taxes being in the rear view mirror, it’s time to turn our attention towards the remainder of the year. This month had no further dividend cuts announced (hooray!) yet for every good report there’s a yes, but … To be honest, I don’t see this trepidation ending over the near term as only time will tell, and until then everyone will remain convinced their strategy is right. For myself, this means a closer alignment to my core strategy and jettisoning a few (not all) speculative positions. Meanwhile, the S&P rose 3.78% while my portfolio rose 4.22% on the back of Financials. For the year, I’m slightly ahead of the benchmark by 0.44%.


  • increased my ETF position (CUT,VGK,EWA,EWW,JPMV)
  • increased my INDB position and lost BHBK (merger)
  • increased my GNTY position
  • New position ALC (NVS spinoff)
  • New position BDX – this one is a defensive move as I’m long BDXA. This is strictly a placeholder in the event BDX pays a BDXA dividend in stock (unlikely) or when the preferred shares convert to common (next year).


While my primary focus resides on dividends with the goal being a rising flow of dividends on an annual basis, I’m placing less emphasis on the quarterly numbers as the number of semi-annual, interim/final and annual cycles have been steadily increasing in my portfolio.

  • April delivered an increase of 12.97% Y/Y, the largest impacts being dividend cuts and a couple of cycle changes offset by increases.
  • April delivered a 6.58% increase over last quarter (Jan) – basically a reflection of my decision to pause dividend reinvestment to fund the tax bill.
  • Dividend increases averaged 7.21% with 42.73% of the portfolio delivering at least one increase (including 4 cuts (two being OMI)). This is off last years’ pace and I believe a new personal record for dividend cuts in a single year since about 1980.
  • 2019 Dividends received were 37.12% of 2018 total dividends putting me on target to exceed last years’ total in late October.

Note: I updated my Goals page to provide a visual of these numbers.  Based on Mr All Things Money’s instruction set with a conversion to percentages.  My code only updates when the monthly Y/Y number is exceeded.  Otherwise, the prior year actual is used.


On Oct 4,2018 MSG filed a confidential Form 10 to spin the sports business


XRX merger with Fujifilm cancelled (still being litigated).

BHBK to merger into INDB completed April 1st


  • KOF announced a stock split and listing of shares in the form of units. There was an eight (8) for one (1) stock split on the Series L shares consisting of three (3) Series B ordinary shares and five (5) Series L ordinary shares. The new shares were simultaneously exchanged into a Unit – each consisting of three (3) Series B ordinary shares and five (5) Series L ordinary shares. As a result, BNY Mellon changed the deposit agreement to update the deposited securities on the Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. American Depositary Share (“ADS”) program as follows:
    • Effective Date for change: April 11, 2019
    • Old Deposited Securities: 1 ADS: 10 Series L Ordinary Shares
    • New Deposited Securities: 1 ADS: 10 Units
  • FFIN declared a 2:1 stock split effective June 3rd


The blog data conversion to 2019 is almost complete still being worked on. The most significant error is my cost basis (dividend date screen) which doesn’t yet account for all DRIP additions or additional purchases. At this rate it may be 2020 before I finish this update.

Hope your month/quarter was a good one!

5 thoughts on “April 2019 Update

  1. Yeah, it seems like there’s not enough time in a day anymore. The largest holdings were updated first which means it’s probably about 80% accurate with about half of the portfolio converted at this point. The conversion is manual with ongoing automation the reward. Remind me next year not to make major presentation changes simultaneously with year end 🙂


  2. Glad to hear someone is ahead of the benchmark Charlie – I’m getting my butt well and truly smacked by a bloody blindfolded monkey stock picker as well as a simple index investor…

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    • Funny! Here in the states, the odds are on the monkey as well – or should I say the next non-factual market moving tweet. My performance this year has been up one month and down the next, this month being up. I see Australia as a canary in a coal mine, meaning the pain you’re having today will likely be felt here down the road, particularly with the dependence on China’s economic strength. As they realign, I suspect the rest of the world (ex-US) to begin improving. Hey, don’t forget Gary – didn’t he just get a stock split from his Japanese holding?


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