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Every so often I update my directory omitting inactive or defunct blogs and generally get a feel for what the temperature is in the worlds I frequent less often.  This exercise was all the more telling in the general mood within the community.  One example being Young Dividend‘s monthly recap in which he notes, “Although the portfolio value fell, it is interesting to see that the dividend growth graph of my portfolio continues to climb upwards.“.  In a nutshell that is the reason we choose DGI.  Another analysis on staying the course comes from Time In The Market.  Points I like to keep in mind when the markets are volatile.  My friend Tom over at Dividends Diversify scooped my original thought for the week with his Can You Save Money at a Farmer’s Market piece.  My focus was on the Community Kitchens used by many of these vendors.  That concept will be fleshed out  further and arrive at some future point in time.

All good reads which I encourage you to partake.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I’ll  touch a bit more on Bank OZK which was one of last week’s topics.  Turns out The Dividend Guy featured this stock on his podcast the day before its precipitous drop.  To his credit he published a mea culpa on which the Seeking Alpha version received mixed reviews.  In my view, his laser focus on the dividend growth blinded his peripheral vision.  Not looking a little harder under the hood, so to speak.  Wolf Richter‘s  piece on the potential asset bubble in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) can highlight reasons a broader view is warranted at times.

Since I mentioned Wolf Street, a couple of additional articles grabbing my attention (including the comments) were, Why I think the Ugly October in Stocks Is Just a Preamble with a compelling argument and What Truckers & Railroads Are Saying About the US Economy.

Full disclosure: Long CASS whose data is the basis for his article.

As we come into the final week of the month, though my portfolio is down my dividends are up for the month, quarter and year.  The only suspense being the magnitude of increase!


4 thoughts on “For Your Reading Pleasure

  1. Thanks for the mention SR. Didn’t mean to scoop you. I’m sure you have an interesting angle that hasn’t even entered my mind. Dropped a few bucks at our market yesterday to support the vendors we like. Last day of the season, unfortunately up North here.

    Markets getting interesting. Wouldn’t mind a few more points down to scoop up a few buys. Have been sitting on the sideline most of this year…


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    • No problem, I was struggling a little to put the finishing touches on it anyway – you know me 🙂 I like the angles.

      From a seasonal view, look at the bright side the ultimate spectator sport is just around the corner … snow shoveling 🙂

      I’m not doing a lot of buying – other than some limited opportunities – nothing major. Perhaps post election? Have a good week …


  2. Hey Charlie, I agree on the sentiment around the dividends, but I must admit I do love opportunities to buy those dividend producing assets at cheaper prices. Having a decent amount of cash often frustrates me, but it’s times like these I’m grateful to have some ‘ammo’ in the gun to go hunting 🙂

    Cheers, Frankie

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  3. You’re right, of course! Patience is a virtue when stalking the prey. 🙂 The unfortunate aspect is that there never seems to be enough ammo to get them all, but if you have ammo you can at least get some.

    Appreciate the read!


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