Organize – or not

It appears the current theme is organization.  I had to chuckle a little at Dividend Portfolio’s post as I could be the poster boy for his conundrum.   Although finding an elegant solution, I have to side with Mr Robot when he says, “Seems like a nifty feature. I’m afraid I can’t use it since I’m use the free version hosted on wordpress.”  Good old WordPress …   Me?  I have my directory in a Google Sheet and a couple of times per year I go through it all to ensure they aren’t not too stale.  The sites I personally frequent go on my front page allowing for ease of access.  I rotate these out periodically.  Cumbersome? A little.  But functional and the price is right.

Then I caught Mike’s post on decluttering his watchlist.  Now here I am, two for two.  It appears that Mike is ahead in the game since he completed his mission.  In a logical manner, no less.  There is one corner of my desk allocated to notepads.  Obviously I’m a serial procrastinator as several of these have been here for awhile.  Some I’ve entered into a spreadsheet.  Others I’ve discarded.  The remnants I’m still trying to figure out why I thought an idea was good to begin with.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll have the corner cleared.

Then there is always an outlier in the mix.  I could only shake my head the process detailed by Indian Value Investor.  He must have been an overachiever at an early age.  I have to admit he has me beat.  Hands down.  I think I made it through 30 or so reports this year, cross referencing maybe one.  I have, however, spent the better part of this week researching one question – scouring SEC filings, press releases and earnings call transcripts to find the answer.  Indeed the answer was found but only after the markets were closed.  At least that’s one idea I can execute next week.

As with investing styles there is certainly no ‘one-size fits-all’ in the DGI world when it comes to community, review and research.  And that is the beauty of it.

Next question: How much longer can I delay cleaning out the garage?  🙂



4 thoughts on “Organize – or not

  1. Maybe garage clean out timing should depend on if it can hold the necessary number of cars out of the elements. If yes, no problem. If no, time to clean. Tom

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  2. I certainly ebb and flow when it comes to being organised or cleaning out – it seems to just come in waves. My overriding motto however is ‘keep it simple’, which helps avoid the need for a decluttering in the first place 🙂

    Cheers, Frankie

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    • Your approach is certainly pragmatic. My issue is sorting through the personal (sentimental value?) versus the potential (research topics) versus the plausible (defined via modified use-case analysis). Hmm … perhaps I need to declutter my brain first! 🙂 I did make a little headway on my desk corner this week!


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