November 2017 Update

The upward trend continued this month fueled by the progress on the tax plan.  If finalized, my guess is that the first half of 2018 will be good for corporations (i.e., dividends) with reality setting in later in the year that the average consumer received a raw deal and has less disposable income than advertised.  That is unless trickle down really works.  The wild card being the government (or lack thereof) as a second felony plea was accepted with individuals tied to the campaign or administration.  The S&P index increased by 2.81% while my portfolio increased by 3.22% largely fueled by Financials.  For the year I’m still ahead of the index by 3.12%.

Headlines impacting my portfolio (bold are owned):

  • 11/1 – OMI buys HYH‘s Surgical and Infection Prevention (S&IP) business
  • 11/2 – SBUX sells Tazo line to UL
  • 11/6 – AVGO bids to acquire QCOM at $60 cash & $10 stock per share
  • 11/6 – BCE acquiring ARFCF
  • 11/9 – AAPL acquires InVisage Technologies
  • 11/13 – GE cuts dividend by 50%
  • 11/13 – AMT buys Idea/VOD Cellular towers in India
  • 11/13 – VER selling Cole Capital to CIM Group
  • 11/14 – Baupost Group initiates 3,565,361 sh position (abt 6.25%) in AMC
  • 11/14 – MSG to sell WNBA team (Liberty)
  • 11/15 – SQ launches ability to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • 11/16 – PYPL sells $5.8B loan package to SYF
  • 11/16 – IRM buys China assets from SFG.CO
  • 11/20 – MSG acquires Obscura Digital
  • 11/27 – PNC acquires The Trout Group, LLC
  • 11/28 – BLK to acquire C‘s Mexican asset management business

Portfolio Updates:

  • increased position in existing DRE holding


  • November delivered an increase of 18.3% Y/Y with the about 60% of the increase being attributable dividend increases and the remainder purchases.
  • November delivered a 1.0% decrease over last quarter (August) due to two payouts being moved to December.
  • Declared dividend increases averaged 11.9% with 71.75% of the portfolio delivering at least one increase (including 2 cuts (XRX and YUM) and and 1 suspension (TIS)).  Note: GE’s announced cut is counted as 2018.
  • YTD dividends received were 109.86% of total 2016 dividends which exceeded last years’ total on October 25th.


Spirit Realty Capital (SRC) – Nov 21, Form 10 was filed confidentially with spin completion targeted for 1H 2018.


AGU/POT (Nutrien) remains pending with the US being the only approval pending.


My 2018 strategy is forming with the focus turning towards Consumer Staples and Utilities (existing holdings).  I expect to incorporate a side strategy on lower yielding but faster growing companies which I’ll publish in the next week or two.   Of course I will continue to also pursue opportunities as they arise.

And how was your month?

10 thoughts on “November 2017 Update

  1. I like the performance – beating the index is no easy feat! The 18.3% y/y increase is solid too.

    I own MSG myself and am wondering what they’ll get for the sale of the Liberty. I haven’t heard much since it was announced but don’t disagree with the move as they can focus on their other assets.

    Sorry to hear about the GE dividend, still holding on to that one or are you planning to sell?

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  2. I appreciate the kudo’s. I’ll tell you this year has seen more external events than I’ve ever seen to navigate through – it’s looking like 2018 will be more of the same.

    On MSG, rumors are they’d be happy just to let the Liberty go. The WNBA hasn’t been much of a money-maker. I would tend to agree with that sentiment as it appears any cross-ownership synergies are non-existent. I think I would move them to a smaller venue initially (as the Garden is more of an arena than they need based on attendance) and then auction them off.

    GE is interesting in that they can dig out of their mess given time and the right management. I never added to my initial stake but have profited by adding to positions of the new owners of their cast-offs (BMO, BX, FHN, I am willing to wait and will probably double-down after the next earnings report. What I’m now looking for are businesses they choose as spin-off candidates.

    Thanks for visiting!


  3. Fantastic to see the performance stats of other bloggers, keep up the excellent work. I still have a long way to go but working on it all the time to get it done. Cheers

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    • You’re ahead of the pace I was on when I was your age. Just keep up the regular investments and the rewards will follow. Looks like you’re close to your 20K milestone!

      Thanks for the visit!


  4. SR, Nice November! I like the way you summarize your activity. Clean, relevant and easy to follow. The headlines section specifically is pretty neat. I will have to take a closer look at your portfolio as there are a number of stock symbols I don’t recognize. As for your 2018 focus on utilities and staples, that is more in my sweet spot as it relates to my holdings. Tom

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    • Most of my top holdings are common across the DGI community which I’m a little low on since I try to maintain a 65-70% weighting on these (Anchor, Core & Satellite). My guess is the uncommon ones are ADRs (like Computershare or Singapore Telecom), Pink Sheet listings for non-dual listed Canadian issues (like Power Corp or Hydro One) or ones I obtained through spins (or were my rare speculative buys).

      The portfolio tab has links on the company name to a blurb as to what they do or in some cases why I bought. My cost basis is most accurate on the Dividends link (DivDates tab). Which reminds me it’s probably time to update the site a little.

      Appreciate the visit!


  5. Solid return for the month of November. Any time you can put up double digit year over year gains it’s to be commended. Just goes to show the power of dividend investing, even if you don’t add any fresh capital it still grows. Looking back at Nov. there were definitely a lot of notable headlines that have impacted all our portfolios. Part fo the dividend investing excitement I guess. Keep up the good work!

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  6. I look at the headlines as just another layer of noise to sift through. Sometimes I do catch an actionable item – like this month’s (Dec) purchase because the markets went haywire on the Flynn news. I’ll probably max out the IRA before month end as who knows whether 2018 contributions will be allowed in my situation under a new plan. I can’t take all the credit – a portfolio throwing off 11% raises (net of cuts) is one that does most of the heavy lifting.

    Thanks for visiting!


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