April 2017 Update

April brought more noise to the market with geopolitical issues front and center.  The market appeared to acknowledge the fact that even with Republican control of government, a more centrist approach is necessary to accomplish much of anything.  The President’s first 100 days ended with one legislative win; a Supreme Court Justice.  As earnings season kicked into high gear and the French election completed (runoff pending), the markets rebounded and the S&P ended the month with a .91% gain.  Including new money (mostly IRA maximization), my gain was 3.41% (2.32% excluding new money).

Loyal3 Migration

The forced move from the Loyal3 platform is essentially complete.  Full shares arrived at Schwab April 27th.  Fractionals did not move – basically a he said/she said scenario.  Schwab says they would accept them while Loyal3 said they wouldn’t.  All fractional shares on Loyal3 were sold April 28th, netting $218.59.  Loyal3 was basically my ‘spare change’ broker and illustrates the benefits of investing even small amounts.  The trades will settle Wednesday and Friday I’ll transfer remaining funds – after I see which direction the YUM dividend goes.

I decided to use Schwab’s synthetic DRIP for PEP, DIS, SBUX, KO and HAS to mitigate the sting of having to sell shares – even fractionals.  I’ll take the cash on YUM, AMC, AAPL and K.

Headlines impacting my portfolio (bold are owned):

  • 4/3 – IBTX closes Carlile merger
  • 4/4 – NJR/SJI discuss merger
  • 4/4 – MSGN discusses sale
  • 4/7 – JNS merger date expected 5/30/2017 new ticker expected to be JHG w/ qtrly divs
  • 4/10 – UNIT acquires Southern Light (pvt)
  • 4/17 – CCI to acquire Wilcon Holdings
  • 4/17 – BX acquires Eagle Claw Midstream
  • 4/20 – UMBF sells institutional investment arm to RJF
  • 4/20 – SLF acquires Premier Dental
  • 4/24 – NWBI to close consumer finance subsidiary
  • 4/27 –TOWN to acquire PBNC,
  • 4/27 – IVZ to acquire Source UK

Portfolio Updates:

  • Added to JNS
  • Added to VALU
  • Initiated position in PWCDF
  • Initiated position in ARD
  • Initiated position in HOMB
  • Sold LB
  • Sold UL
  • Reduced (fractional positions) YUMC, SBUX, PEP, K, YUM, DIS, SQ, KO, AMC, AAPL, HAS


  • April delivered an increase of 32.55% over April 2016.  17.25% of this increase is attributable to purchases, 48.41% a result of semi-annual cycles (Ireland, Australia) and the remaining 35.51% a result of dividend increases.
  • April had an increase of 20.28% over the prior quarter due primarily to the same reasons.
  • Declared dividend increases averaged 8.72% with 42.94% of my portfolio delivering at least one raise (including 2 cuts – YUM, XRX).
  • YTD Dividends received were 38.1% of total 2016 dividends.  If the current run rate is maintained would exceed 2016 in early November – particularly with most of my semi-annual or interim/final cycles paying during the next quarter.


The MET spin (Brighthouse Financial – BHF) remains pending.


Agrium/POT, JNS/HGG.L (estimated completion 30 May) and SGBK/HOMB remain pending.  I did add to JNS and HOMB as both appeared undervalued versus the merger price.

6 thoughts on “April 2017 Update

  1. Very nice, good to see that your dividends are increasing. You have some nice increases over last year. Well done.

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  2. Thanks! Those final dividends can juice the dividends a little (Shire’s was $.771 final vs $.1389 interim – US). The HOMB purchase was a little arbitrage action as their stock dropped after their merger announcement (SGBK). Since I’ll be getting shares in the merger – and it’s accretive – I decided to reduce my SGBK cost basis further by initiating a HOMB position.


    • Primarily valuation after the KHC bump. There will be some turmoil as they streamline by selling various business lines, but I think the greatest risk is their review (ongoing) of a HQ consolidation from dual UK/Amsterdam to Amsterdam only. This will cut costs but force selling by index funds, country focused investments, and US individuals escaping mandatory foreign tax withholding through UL (UK) listing. After the dust settles I may return … meanwhile I replaced them with ARD, a recent IPO with Luxembourg HQ and just announced quarterly dividend scheme.


  3. Thanks … still have capital gains on the UL sale but offset it with the loss on LB so 0 tax. In my tax bracket/situation, I’m able to apply foreign taxes paid as a dollar for dollar offset against US taxes with one additional form. Some DGI investors can only get a partial credit. Since the UK doesn’t withhold taxes but Netherlands does I expect to see a little exodus if UL changes their tax domicile. ARD provides me Euro exposure and JNS gives me UK exposure (when the merger completes) while I can watch UL (UN) from the sidelines. (All bets are off if a new tax plan is implemented).


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