Feb 2017 Update

February saw DOW 20,000 being attained (again) then forging a streak of 12 days of record closes.  Uncertainty remains in areas of the ability or  time required to effect change through the legislative process – in particular tax reform, healthcare and border adjustment taxes.  This month The S&P gained 3.72%.  while my portfolio recorded a gain of 0.05%.  The index had a decent earnings season (until TGT) as its tailwind.  After two months, my performance lags the S&P by 1.95%.

Headlines impacting my portfolio:

  • 2/6 – BUSE acquiring FCFP
  • 2/7 – AMC prices secondary
  • 2/10 – BX buys AON HR assets
  • 2/14 – PYPL buys TNCGF
  • 2/17 – KHC announced pursuit of UL
  • 2/21 – PNC acquires US assets of ECNCF
  • 2/21 – JNJ buys Torax (pvt)

Blog Updates:

posts under consideration for Mar are My 2017 Coca-Cola strategy outlined

Portfolio Updates:

  • Added to LB prior to ex-div (a little gamble on earnings that failed)
  • Added to SBUX on weakness prior to ex-div
  • Added to CHD prior to ex-div and the day before the UL/KHC sector bump

Subsequent to the KHC/UL announcement, I made the determination to divest my UL holdings.  Unfortunately over the holiday weekend the offer was withdrawn so my opportunity to sell at a premium evaporated.  So – no sale.


  • February delivered an increase of 24.89% over February 2016.  12.96% of this increase is attributable to purchases with the remaining 87.04% a result of dividend increases.
  • February was flat over the prior quarter (actually $0.01 lower due to exchange rates and a cut).
  • Declared dividend increases averaged 8.06% with 30.64% of my portfolio delivering at least one raise (1 cut – YUM).
  • Dividends received were 14.3% of total 2016 dividends and if the current run rate is maintained would exceed 2016 around October 15th.


The MET spin (Brighthouse Financial – BHF) remains pending.


Agrium/POT, JNS/HGG.L remain pending

4 thoughts on “Feb 2017 Update

  1. Thanks! I don’t highlight the YoC metric as it’s a kind of ‘fuzzy’ number but in a mature portfolio (like mine) it could be viewed as a measurement of the velocity of the snowball. That said, the one point I didn’t mention was a handful of recent purchases were non-US issues which artificially slows the momentum a little as the dividend frequency is semi-annual (or interim/final) rather than quarterly. Thanks for the visit.


  2. Your results are looking good. That’s a pretty nice year over year increase from last Feb. What’s not to like about that? Nice SBUX add too. I still have that name on my watch list but have yet to add it to my portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Maybe (eventually) I’ll get SBUX to a full position in this portfolio it seems like almost everything is either fairly or overvalued. At least I have a couple of thousand in my option portfolio. Since it rarely goes on sale this purchase was made on Loyal3 with 0 commission. No complaints on the Y/Y just wondering whether my greater foreign emphasis for 2017 will backfire (resulting in lower going forward Y/Y comparisons) as a result of currency valuations. Thanks for the visit!


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