It Already Seems Like Forever

Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever.

– William Howard Taft

I haven’t done a general musing type of post recently so I figure one is in order especially in light of recent events.  My political views generally run fiscally conservative but liberal on social issues.  Kind of a mix between Blue Dog Democrats and Libertarians.  With that said, the first two weeks of the presidency has taken on an interesting tone where the business side is trying to hit its stride.  Unfortunately, the diplomatic side (Mexico, Australia) is lacking and the social issues (visas) agenda has gotten the presidency off to a rocky start.

There is a silver lining to this mess – especially for a contrarian view.  Since the election, I’ve been casting about for a 2017 investing strategy.  First I tracked the tweets related to companies – like Ford, Carrier,  The results were mixed and were more akin to a market timing exercise.  NPR highlights thisTrigger has released an app to providing notification of his market impacting tweets.  Their competition includes Dataminr, StockTwits and Motif Investing.

Since I’m not a fan of market timing – probably because it’s not my strength – the second part of this equation is more to my liking.  The day following the Australian phone call, My Australian holdings were up in a down market.  The same was true with my Mexican stocks the day following their dust up.  I can’t wait to see the impact on my Chinese and Hong Kong holdings following their meeting.  Then again there’s always Canada and Europe.  Perhaps a viable strategy is emerging …

On an unrelated note, I’m honored to be included in Frugal Student‘s Top 100 blogs.  The Finance Master expresses many of my feelings so I but hope my somewhat irreverent style continues to entertain and educate.  I did go through all 100 and found a couple to include in my directory.

On the M&A front, bank mergers have slowed drastically for three reasons:

  1. Their participation in the ‘Trump Rally’ has reset valuations
  2. Potential Dodd-Frank revisions
  3. Tax Law reform

I suspect as the future becomes less hazy, activity will pick up 3rd or 4th quarter.  Until then I’ll collect the dividends – or if Dodd-Frank is repealed rather than modified I may have to reassess my banking exposure.