2016 Goal Review

I finished tabulating the results over weekend to determine how I performed against the goals I set last January.  I will wager few foresaw the events that occurred and the resulting implications.  So let’s review the impact to my goal attainment – or lack thereof.

  1. Exceed the performance of the S&P 500

This has been one of my goals since 1980 and achieved 31 times.  Number 32 is in the books as I outperformed the S&P by 19.83%.  Goal #1 met.

  1. Re-establish portfolio balance per the strategy

This most likely a two year goal since my largest strides will have to take place following the completion of the PNY/DUK merger.  I did make some progress in reducing overweight holdings but was correct in my assessment that the out of balance scenario would continue into 2017.  Goal #2 met.

  1. Minimize portfolio sales (ideally none)

Other than mergers, no sales were made.  Goal #3 met.

  1. Complete the acquisition process with about 160 total stocks

Other than a handful of companies to fill a few gaps, I want to add a final round to my Regional Bank strategy.  Well I did fill the gaps but overshot the total.   With 176 holdings at year end, I’d have to classify this as a partial.

  1. Increase my Canadian holdings to 3-5% of the portfolio

No new holdings are expected, only additions to existing positions. I figure to add while the US dollar is strong with the expectation that – at some point – the situation will be reversed.  This too is a partial.  I did add one Canadian issue and ended the year with Canadian stocks accounting for 5.14% of the portfolio.

  1. Maintain my walking regimen

Weather permitting average 20 miles per week.  Goal met.  The average (thanks to

  1. Improve blog functionality

There remain some sections that don’t work quite right.  I did fix the sections so goal met.

  1. Write 52 posts

We’ll find out just how much I have to say.   Goal met with 63.

  1. Reduce mortgage balance to 30% LTV

Almost met.  Spring storms resulted in significant damage so part of this budget section was reallocated to the deductible.  This was a fail as the ending LTV was 31%.

  1. Volunteer 50 community service hours

This was probably the biggest failure as my health prevented me from completing this goal.  I did complete 44% of this goal and donated cash in lieu of the time.

All together I’ll give myself about a 70 – 75% grade.  For 2017, my #1 goal will be to outperform the S&P (as usual).  This year will likely be problematic for other goals as I suspect politics will supplant reality causing volatility until settling down later in the year.  I will, however, share the strategies I embrace as we journey through 2017.

4 thoughts on “2016 Goal Review

  1. I appreciate it. Still undecided on 2017 goals as it appears the year is going to be a little topsy-turvy. I’ll most likely use a broad outline of a few strategies fine tuning as the rules change in DC. The focus will remain on dividends though!


  2. Yeah, it was basically a case of being positioned right at the right time with a handful of mergers thrown in for good measure. Too bad these years happen only once a decade! At least I know to savor the attainment more the older I get. Thanks for the visit!


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