Rolling Unabridged Update #1

Last month I introduced the Rolling Unabridged Monthly Portfolio (RUMP).  The primary reason was to attempt to identify Herd Mentality tendencies within the DGI community.  My first assumption is that there may be a 6 to 9 month lag from identification to purchase.  My database now carries an eight month lag which I expect to reduce a little further over the next month or two.

Tristan (Dividends Down Under) astutely suggested that perhaps the blogger’s country be included.  This was completed.  My spreadsheet now has country tabs for the US, Canada and UK.  The UK data is probably meaningless since the dataset is so small.  For this reason I did not include a breakdown for other countries (Netherlands (8), Singapore (7), Australia (5), Belgium (4), Finland and Sweden (3), Germany and Italy (2), and Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Russia, India, Japan, Israel, Norway, Austria and Poland all with 1).  Let me know if you have issues accessing it.  Tristan recently published a directory of Australian bloggers.  Interestingly, very few publish portfolios or even mention their holdings.

A second analysis could be performed on Home Market Bias.  Roadmap2Retire recently presented a great illustration of this.  My issue is on the definition of ‘home market’.  Is it strictly ones own country or -in the case of Europe – all of the Eurozone?

This month’s observations (there’s not enough data yet to call it a trend) are a movement away from CVX (dividend concerns?) and O (valuation?) with PG and WMT picking up the slack.   EMR also made an interesting jump in the rankings.

I did peek at IWTRS’s weekly post and his top 4 are currently in 56 (WFC), 12 (FLO), 8 (XEL) and 1 (PAAS) portfolios – but don’t forget the lag time for comparisons.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Unabridged Update #1

  1. Thanks for the couple of mentions Charlie, I really hope the extra work I suggested is a good thing for you.

    One of the main problems for Aussie bloggers is that there’s a LOT of rules about financial advice and even discussion about investing. If there wasn’t then we’d (probably) happily disclose our portfolio holdings. But until I’ve gotten a financial advice licence, we are staying on the safe side.


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  2. Your suggestions weren’t too difficult to implement and will provide greater detail to the analysis IF the data warrants. Ongoing it’s no additional work. This study is just one of those things that appear plausible but hasn’t been proved.

    Good explanation! Can’t blame you on being cautious. I did visit every one of the blogs in your post and was wondering about that. Well there’s still plenty of US and Canada data to play with. 🙂


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