Aug 2016 Update

Last month was relatively quiet as the world digested the Jackson Hole confab and vacations are coming to an end.  With valuations relatively high, concerns are being raised regarding inflated investor expectations.  I touched on this briefly and Passive Income Dude had similar concerns in his post, Two More Powerful Examples of Low Expected Stock Returns: LOOK OUTFor good measure, the S&P was down slightly for the month and my holdings barely outperformed the index (-.06% versus the S&P’s -.12%).  For the year I’m ahead by 11.71%.

Headlines related to my portfolio this month include:

  • August 11 (and 15) – DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ record high
  • August 29 – MORN authorized by SEC to rate corporate bonds joining S&P, Fitch and Moody’s
  • August 31 – AGU & POT reportedly in merger discussions

Blog Updates

  • Updated the Blog Directory
  • Updated Goals
  • My updated portfolio posted
  • Rolled out Blog Stuff (will update next week)

Portfolio Updates

  • Added to KMB.
  • Added to K.
  • Added to AMC.


  • August delivered an increase of 12.2% over August 2015.  This was due primarily to dividend increases (Y/Y).
  • August was up 7.2% from the prior quarter.
  • Announced dividend increases currently average 12.98% with 57.43% of my portfolio having at least one raise so far this year.
  • Through August, dividends received were equal to 81.0% of all 2015 dividends, keeping me on pace to exceed last year’s total in early October (as compared to 2015 being Sept. 9th).

2 thoughts on “Aug 2016 Update

  1. It’s impossible to say what the markets, and world economies, are going to do from here. Having a lot of growth seems to be the least likely option..

    Anyway, congrats on the decent increases from last year and last quarter, it’s always nice to get some extra money for no extra effort. It’s pleasing to read you’ll be beating last year’s total quite easily.

    Looking forward to hearing what your new blog things are 🙂


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    • I appreciate it – a focus on M&A events paid off this year (three more left).

      From here – the safer approach would appear to be sticking to the nuts and bolts even with a lower return (buy the dips). But many will feel the need for more.

      By next week, your last suggestion should be implemented (blogger country identification).


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