Random Rants – Aug ’16

Month 2 of each quarter are my lowest dividend payment months of the year.  And it’s destined to get worse now that my last First Niagara dividend check has arrived.  Their merger with KeyBank makes them a month 3 payer now.  Since I’ve got a couple of mergers left in left in the portfolio, it appears I’ll be reassessing the monthly payment flattening issue going into the new year.  On to Rant #2 …

DGI darling Target (TGT) (#23) reported disappointing earnings, reduced guidance for the remainder of the year and laid the blame squarely at Apple’s (AAPL) feet.  No acknowledgement that their buyers may have missed the signs that consumers may be waiting on AAPL’s release cycle.  And no, the issues identified in Simply Safe Dividend‘s article played no part.  One has to wonder if the era of accepting personal responsibility is at an end.  At least I have no ownership in TGT (although WMT is a holding of a trust I manage).  On to Rant #3 …

Another DGI darling T Rowe Price (TROW) (#49) has filed suit against Valeant (VRX) for “fraudulent behavior”.  As I previously posted, the position held was in excess of internal limits.  It appears a problem – that is at least partially of your making – is not your problem if you can sue.  TROW used a similar approach to obtain a settlement when they completed a proxy vote incorrectly (Dell).  On to Rant #4 …

I need to update my watch list.  I had been watching Post Properties (PPS) and Corner Stores (CST) but failed to purchase due to valuations.  Now CST is in a bidding war and PPS is being acquired by Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA).  This just proves easy money trumps all in this environment.  And Rant #5 …

I have found one redeeming quality for Pokémon Go.  Being on a walking regimen there are times when boredom sets in.  Since its’ release, my average for the year has jumped from 3.5 miles a day to 5.1 per day.  Besides, I have bragging rights over the grandkid being Level 18 versus her Level 14!

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and more dividends!

7 thoughts on “Random Rants – Aug ’16

  1. Should I brag about my level 22? :P, been trying all the tricks and pidgey, rattata, weedle farming to level up hoping a higher CP pokemon would show up. LOL 🙂 I love Eevees!! I have several Vap, and Jolteons now, I’m waiting for a higher IV eevees so I’ll name it Pyro to make a Flareon out of it. LOL 😛

    For sure it’s been fun. And when Mr. and I couldn’t catch anything decent, we stupidly look at each other in frustration and say: “What kind of day is it? All we got was exercise, no good pokemon!” LOL 🙂 Before, I dread walking, now, I enjoy walking with the pokemon game on and using the pokemon music as the walking rhythm. haha.

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    • Now that gives me something to aspire to:) I got 6 (actually 8) over 1000 so now I can take over the local gym and keep it for a while. With 2 gyms in walking distance (1 near a Starbucks), I guess my next purchase is battery backs!


      • The thing is never power up. You’ll always catch higher ones. My strategy is after evolving rattata (raticate) use them to battle the first encounter. 6 of the 600-800s will take out the first 2 if I dodge well. Then don’t heal them. If I don’t have room, just trade in my ratticate and pigiotto. No damage taken. Then I get to the 3rd and 4th. I’ll bring out my army of 1000s CP. I have tons. Heheeh. I’ll earn enough pokecoins to expand my collections. I don’t have data, so it’s been tough trying to find wifi and happen to be a gym. Hehe


  2. rant complete…take a deep breath. Damn it does feel good to get stuff off your chest 🙂 The only thing better is best described by a quote from Mark Twain

    “Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer”

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  3. I wish on the fit part … recovering from a series of five strokes. On the blame game, normally it’s the weather or forex. It’s a rare day when a supplier is blamed for lack of sales or you sue a failed investment:)


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