Jun 2016 Update

June was a roller coaster month starting with lackluster jobs numbers and ending with Brexit.  In between was the Fed leaving rates unchanged yet again.  The sleeper story being the CCAR results being released (partial results here).  Notably, Citi received approval to increase their dividend by 220%.    Although the DOW lost 871 points over two days, it recovered at month end while the S&P was flat for the month.

Many in the blogging DGI community are dipping into alternative asset classes (metals, forex or high yield securities) seeking greater returns or stability.  My opinion remains that such endeavors are risky – not risk averse – as they all require a degree of market timing to be a successful strategy.  While staying the course, my portfolio (95% DGI) managed a 1.98% gain primarily on the cash infusion from the Shire/Baxalta merger.

Blog Updates

  • Updated the Blog Directory
  • Updated Goals
  • Began adding external links (to the Portfolio Ticker Symbol) to analyses

Portfolio Updates

  • SHPG entered the portfolio with the completion of the BXLT merger.
  • Added to FMBI.
  • Added to MFC (Shire merger cash portion).
  • Added to DIS (Brexit)
  • Added to FLIC (Brexit).
  • Added to SBSI (stock dividend)


  • June delivered an increase of 15.1% over June 2015.
  • June was down 6.9% from the prior quarter due to two dividends paid early (May vs June) and a semi-annual dividend paid in March.
  • Announced dividend increases currently average 9.98% with 54.8% of my portfolio having at least one raise so far this year.
  • Through June, dividends received were equal to 61.7% of all 2015 dividends, keeping me on pace to exceed last year’s total in early October (as compared to 2015 being Sept. 9th).

Finally, a shout out goes to The Broke Dividend Investor whose Walmart Observation series resonates with me as years ago I followed a similar strategy.