March ’16 Dividends

My last dividends for March have arrived so it’s time for the report card.  I was considering redoing the presentation data but couldn’t figure out a clean way to display it so I defaulted to the old way.

New Record – my dividends were the highest month ever in March, coming in 21.8% greater than 2015.  Compared to 4Q 2015, my increase was 22.1%.

Noteworthy Items – March saw my first Australian dividend (Computershare) and PJT Partners’ inaugural dividend.  L Brands also paid a special dividend which may distort next quarters’ comparative results a little.

With the 1st quarter complete, I’m on pace to equal last year’s dividends near the end of September.

My dividend table has been updated through April 2nd although two of my April 1st Canadian dividends are missing (my broker has a one day lag on foreign postings).  And my April game plan should be completed in the next day or so.


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