Jan 2016 Update

The worst month in recent memory has come to a close with the BOJ saving the day at month end. With the S&P down by 5%, I feel fortunate being down 1.6% particularly since I’m a little heavy in financials – one of the month’s under-performers.   And I’ve decided to make a few changes in my monthly updates.  No longer will I have a pure dividend post – as this data and more is under the 2016 Dividend Menu Item – but I will highlight my progress.

Blog Updates

  • Incorporated a full year spreadsheet for dividends
  • Eliminated dormant blogs from the directory
  • Added a Goals menu item with a progress meter (thanks Dividend Meter for the step-by-step instructions).

Portfolio Updates

  • Added to AMC, AAPL, LTXB  and YUM on weakness
  • Opened a new position in NJR


  • January delivered a 46.4% increase over Jan 2015.  With the odd cycle/semi-annual payers excluded, this is primarily in line with y/y dividend increases.
  • January also provided a boost of 36% over the prior quarter, when normalized – in line.

2 thoughts on “Jan 2016 Update

  1. Some new names that I am not really aware of. Will have to check those stocks out.

    Jan was a good month to add up as the market tanked.

    Happy investing


  2. Appreciate the visit. AMC is one I hold in conjunction with EPR (a REIT) at a 10:1 ratio. LTXB is a community bank in the Dallas area. A little exposure to oil, but a greater exposure to companies moving their headquarters into North Texas. YUM – I began increasing my position with the split announcement.


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