My Goals for 2016

  1. Exceed the performance of the S&P 500

This has been one of my goals since 1980 and achieved 31 times.

  1. Re-establish portfolio balance per the strategy

This most likely a two year goal since my largest strides will have to take place following the completion of the PNY/DUK merger

  1. Minimize portfolio sales (ideally none)

Holdings are maintained separate from my published portfolio to supplement my income via a covered call strategy in an attempt to avoid unplanned sales. Dividend Growth Investor covers this nicely with a glaring exception: Major medical expenses.

  1. Complete the acquisition process with about 160 total stocks

Other than a handful of companies to fill a few gaps, I want to add a final round to my Regional Bank strategy

  1. Increase my Canadian holdings to 3-5% of the portfolio

No new holdings are expected, only additions to existing positions. I figure to add while the US dollar is strong with the expectation that – at some point – the situation will be reversed.

  1. Maintain my walking regimen

Weather permitting average 20 miles per week

  1. Improve blog functionality

There remain some sections that don’t work quite right

  1. Write 52 posts

We’ll find out just how much I have to say

  1. Reduce mortgage balance to 30% LTV
  2. Volunteer 50 community service hours

Motivated by Well Rounded Investor’s goals

2 thoughts on “My Goals for 2016

  1. Thank you for the mention.

    I’m looking to increase my Canadian banks position also. Right now most of them cm, td, Ry, bmo, bns, payout ratio is still 50%, still have room to growth or at least maintaining the same level.


  2. You’re welcome, I think yours’ were probably the most inspirational I’ve seen.

    I’m in agreement with the banks though I’m not as bullish on CM. I’m also leaning toward BCE and looking a little closer at AGU.

    Have a good 2016!


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