Winter Is Here

As winter arrives and the holiday season is upon us, I have to admit I’m somewhat at a loss this year.  Years past, I’d be reviewing natural gas inventories and weather outlooks to determine if additional funds should be allocated to my utilities.  This year WEC has already forecast their 2016 dividend policy and I’m waiting for Piedmont‘s merger to close – so nothing to do on this front.  Christmas shopping is complete – check.

Several of you have presented your 2016 goals already.  Good for you!  Call me old-school, or a procrastinator or a slug.  I find it difficult to identify next year when this year hasn’t hit the rear view mirror yet.  With nine dividends yet to post this year, I prefer to have all data points identified prior to projecting into the future.  So 2016 goals, 2015 year end, etc. posts – delayed.

The talking heads on television postulate 2016 will be the year of the ‘stock-picker’.  Frankly, I thought every year was a ‘stock-picker’ ‘s year.  That is until it really isn’t.  To that end I find it enlightening to review the current year.  What worked and what didn’t.  And perhaps, why.  Bespoke Investment Group published an article this morning  that speaks to this.  Good news is I hold 3 of the top 40.  Bad news – I hold 1 of the worst 40.  But with this data I’m able to identify my success – and my failures – to fine tune my strategy going into the new year.