Recent Buy


Bank of the Ozarks has been a part of my portfolio for a couple of years.  I felt it was overpriced when I initially bought it and feel the same today.  However, since I bought it has appreciated about 60%.  Plus increased their dividend quarterly.

OZRK was not top of the list today but when it dropped 4% midday I decided to pounce, particularly since its’ size in my portfolio had dropped to about 1% and my target weighting is 3%.  So my order was executed at $49.85 and should be eligible for January’s dividend.

Top on my list were FLIC and FMBI since they are more underweight – but their prices held.  I also looked at KMI and was a little surprised that it was up.  Good assets, questionable management and up on the news of a dividend cut?  Perhaps it’s short covering.  Well I can always initiate a new position – or not.

Final note on OZRK – historically they perform a stock split between $50 and $60 so a s.plit in 2016 wouldn’t surprise me.