Month in Review – Nov 2015

Just published my dividends and portfolio changes for November.  All in all, I’d have to grade the month a B.  Looking past the disappointment of having a quarter over quarter miss, I’ve already exceeded the end of year goal by a nice margin.

Similar to Ferdis over at DivGro, I finally completed my consolidation process.  No longer do I have holdings split between brokers.  I don’t envy the process he’s undertaking but I can say I sleep better at night now that it’s complete.  The proceeds from my excess OMI position funded my stake in Computershare and Hawthorn Bank while the excess BX position funded the other purchases listed in my November portfolio changes.  I expect to add a little more to my current BX position but I’ll do it next year so I don’t run afoul of the wash rule.

Looking forward, December should be interesting with three dividend increases, two special dividends and three stock dividends coming my way.  And that’s in addition to my regular dividends.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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