Labor Day Weekend


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Time for all of us minions to relax and reflect.  No concerns of Asian markets – at least until Tuesday.  No worries of when or if or by how much the Fed will (or will not) hike rates.  Just the opportunity to enjoy the day until reality – and our own personal Dr. Gru – (i.e., the boss) reappears.

From the headlines

The Washington State Supreme Court declared charter schools unconstitutional.  Why care?  Well, if you own EPR, you have exposure to charter schools.  Although they have no properties in the state of Washington, it bears keeping an eye on to identify possible contagion.

Other topics from the blogosphere primarily dealt with keeping a shopping list up to date and readily available.  This by Dividend Diplomats caught my attention first, although RoseNose is always a good read.  Personally, I would much prefer buying opportunities to be spaced a little further apart so I could more fully take advantage of them.