Almost 2016

The good news is that I’ve made a little headway on this blog this week.

The bad news is I’m realizing how much further I’ve yet to go.

So to recap, I’ve placed most of my portfolio on the blog currently with percentages.  Excluded are positions used for covered calls (GE, T, SCHW, CPB, CSCO).

Many of the menu links are not yet functional – but at least there’s now a menu.

Time is certainly not standing still this year as 2015 is halfway gone.  It appears the second half will be interesting with Greece and Puerto Rico lurking in the shadows, the Fed still scratching its head on rates and energy a significant wild card.  But as always, there remain opportunities.  One possible theme being Canada and the US$ valuation.  Another still being US Regional Banks (I’m thinking there’s more room to run).

Be safe and enjoy the holiday.  And I’ll attempt to be more diligent with my posts and upgrades.


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